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Bloggin about basketball. Nothin' to it.

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Basketball nut. Sports nut. Whatever you want to call it. I like writing too, so that helps. And I once bit an alligator solely for the sake of irony.


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Where Amazing Happened posted on 06/07/2009

I'm going to ignore the whole "Cavaliers not winning the Eastern Conference" thing and move on to something I find much more important.

The NBA has been using old memorable footage for their "Where will amazing happen this year?" commercials. Admittedly, these are really cool. They've taken Magic hitting the baby-hook over the Celtics, Kobe alley-ooping to Shaq, Bird with the steal and passing to DJ for the layup; memorable moments. (If you have no idea what I'm talking about, go here: 

  or if that didn't work )

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Signs of Life? posted on 04/22/2009

Anyone who saw game 2 of the Cavs/Pistons series and didn't turn it off at the end of the 3rd quarter saw the Pistons mount a vigorous comeback. At the end of 3, Cleveland led 77-50, and the game wasn't even that close.

The Pistons were flat, slow, uninspired, and just plain not as good as the Cavaliers for the first seven quarters of this series. But during that 4th quarter, when the Pistons went on a 27-7 run and closed the gap to 84-77, they showed that they have a chance to win this series...right?


And here's why.

During the early stages of this ferocious comeback effort, the Cavaliers' starters were not in the game (save Delonte West, who played part of this time). James, Williams, Z, and Varejao were all on the bench. What's far more important, however, is that the Pistons starters weren't in the game. The lineup that torched the Cavs for several minutes did not include Rasheed Wallace, Antonio McDyess or Tayshaun Prince, and most of that time was spent without Rip Hamilton.

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Defending Mike Brown posted on 04/16/2009

Since I'm unbelievably clever, that title not only refers to me defending his decision to bench the stars in the possibly-record-tying game last night, but it also points to his mantra as coach; defending.

The final game of the regular season was an important Cavalier fans. I would have loved to see Cleveland win and join an ultra-exclusive list of teams who have won 40 games at home. It's ultra-exclusive because, obviously, the 85-86 Celtics are the only team on that list. Furthermore, winning 67 games is another slim list which we could have been a part of if we'd won last night's contest vs. the 76ers.

But in reality, what did we have to gain?

If LeBron had played, he would have played all out, as usual. Knock on wood, he's been incredibly healthy throughout his career, despite playing at breakneck speed at all times. Had James landed on someone's foot after a layup or bumped knees with someone on a drive, that would put our entire playoff run in jeopardy over a game that meant absolutely nothing to our playoffs.

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LeBron James, Player of the Week again posted on 03/16/2009

Make it 6.

I apologize for the lame title, but this website suggests that writers use descriptive words in their titles so they show up better.

But yes, LeBron James has been named Eastern Conference Player of the Week for the sixth time this season due to his work between Monday the 9th of March and Sunday the 15th.

All he did was average 34 points, 10.8 assists, 8.8 rebounds, 2.8 blocks and 2.8 steals...and lead the Cavs to a 4-0 record for the week...and had three straight triple-doubles...and took over the games when the Cavaliers were trailing. Those are video game stats.

He takes over games like you changed the difficulty setting back to rookie in the fourth quarter so you can beat the CPU.

Yeah, it went to OT vs. the Kings, but he put up 16 in the fourth quarter. Do you realize how hard it is to do that? Scottie Pippen averaged 16.1

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King vs. Kings posted on 03/14/2009

It's no secret that LeBron is known as the King, and it's no secret that he is routinely found torching the Sacramento Kings. But Friday, the 13th of March, 2009, was something different.

You may have seen the boxscore (if not, click here), and it's a ho-hum 51 points, 9 assists, 4 rebounds, 2 steals, 3 blocked shots.

But the box score doesn't show timeliness, nor does it show momentum.

With the Cavaliers trailing by 14 going into the fourth quarter, LeBron had one of his signature I'm-going-to-throw-this-down-so-hard-that-the-opposing-crowd-will-give-me-a-standing-ovation-while-they-cover-their-mouts-in-awe dunks. That was all it took. The Cavs got a little momentum from the thunderous right arm of Bron, and slowly dragged themselves back into it.

One play can change the outcome of the game, and that dunk was the biggest shift toward the Cavaliers that could have happened. No - he didn't get fouled for a 3-point play, or hit a deep was just two points. But after those two points cut the lead to about 10, Sacramento suddenly looked confused and shaken.

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