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My name is Mike and I am the resident sports guy in Chatsworth



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My name is Michael Mayer, but I go by Mike. I am currently 19 years old and I am attending CSUN (California State University, Northridge), where I am majoring in Broadcast Journalism. I am one of the biggest sports fans alive and plan on studying to become a sports broadcaster in the near future. I love virtually ever sport there is on this planet with the exception of a few.


Cleveland Sports, Los Angeles Lakers, Movies, Music (Rock), Sports Broadcasting

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I know almost everything about sports.

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The Cavaliers aren't messing around, while other big name teams are posted on 05/14/2009
Has anyone noticed that the Cavs have won 8 games and by the start of the conference finals over two weeks of rest. They seem on a mission to get the title. The other big name teams seem to have a problem understanding that finishing the job is important in the NBA Playoffs. Sure the Celtics and Magic are fighting, but some teams seem to lack that Championship mentality on certain nights. Take for example the Los Angeles Lakers, picked by many as the perennial favorite to win the west and the NBA Championship. The Lakers seem to have no sense of urgency and sometimes play in a lethargic way. They have allowed a team they should have been done with in 5 games, to extend the series to 7. In the two games played in Houston since star Yao Ming went down with an injury, the Lakers have loo

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What a first day of the NFL Draft for the Browns...and other teams posted on 04/25/2009
The NFL Draft was going according to plan until the Browns went on the clock after Aaron Curry was selected the pick before. They ended up trading their pick to the New York Jets in a mammoth deal in which the Browns essentially ended up trading for 5 guys and gave up the number 5 pick. The Browns then proceeded to trade down twice more until they finally picked at 21. In a surprising move, The Browns chose to pass on Chris "Beanie" Wells and Ray Maualuga and took Cal center Alex Mack who is a very versatile player. I've heard the guy can play every position along the offensive line. In the second round, The Browns might have answered the question as to whether or not Braylon Edwards is staying when they drafted two receiver, Hometown Boy Brian Robiskie out of Ohio State at 36 an

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Cavs being challenged? posted on 04/22/2009
It didn't stun me that Detroit had a furious rally in the fourth quarter of Game 2. They are a team with integrity and pride. Tbat being said, it still wasn't enough and it won't be enough to beat the Cavs. The maximum amount of games that Detroit will win is 1. Theres a chance they may not win one. The Cavs will begin to face challenges in the second round and the Conference Finals. While teams like Atlanta, Miami, Boston and Orlando are the most likely teams to face the Cavs down the road, they are the not the best team. The reasons why the cavs will win not only the East but the Nba Title is because of what wins championships and that is defense and they also have the best player in the world Lebron James. The Lakers are no doubt a great team but when it comes to getting stops when it m

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Crabtree a Brown? Braylon a Giant? posted on 04/22/2009
From the stuff that I have heard, it sounds like the Browns like Crabtree and Crabtree likes the Browns. With Braylon most likely leaving via trade or next offseason during free agency, this should be a no brainer for the Browns, but they are making it so hard. Yes the browns are in desparate need of defense but the only player that makes sense at 5 is Aaron Curry and he is likely to be gone. If the Browns are not going to take Crabtree, it is sending a message to the team and the fans that they are a no nonsense team. With Kellen Winslow gone and Braylon on his way out, the Browns are eliminating distractions. Still at this point in the draft, it makes sense for the Browns to take Crabtree because he is the best available player.

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Who will the Browns take at 5? posted on 04/21/2009

Like many Browns fans, I am confused as to who the Browns will take in Saturday's NFL Draft. A couple of weeks ago it was rumored to be Michael Crabtree. A couple of weeks before that it was rumored to be Brian Orakpo, a defensive end from Texas. Now it is rumored that the Browns may go after B.J Rajii, a Defensive Tackle from Boston College. Wait... don't we already have one of the nastiest defensive tackles ins the game in Sean Rogers. To me Crabtree makes the most sense at 5. Hes the best player on the board at this point assuming Aaron Curry is gone. And with Braylon Edwards having one foot out the door already and Kellen Winslow gone, the Browns need a playmaker. For the sake of the fans, I hope Kokinis and Mangini take the right guy at 5 and that is Michael Crabtree.

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